Florida House Representative Matt Hudson Visits the Hodges Naples Campus (2008)

Florida House Representative Matt Hudson visited Hodges University’s Naples campus to engage students about Florida’s legislative process on Thursday, February 28th, 2008.  Students of Dr. Jackreeces’ American Government class, the Fort Myers Legal Society, and ICUF Presidential Fellow Mary Cosmo met with Representative Matt Hudson.  Students from the Ft. Myers campus also logged on for a live podcast  to ask questions during the visit.

Representative Hudson spoke on many topics, such as the current budgeting issues, the cuts we may be facing including FRAG, the process where a bill originates and how it may be passed.  He also walked students through Florida’s excellent website (myfloridahouse.gov) and showed students how they can follow a bill through each step, as well as challenged students to be engaged throughout this very important process.  At myfloridahouse.gov you can find a lot of other useful information about your representative, what bills they have previously voted on, personal background information, which committee your representative sits on, and much more.

Representative Hudson’s constituent area consist of parts of eastern Collier and the western portion of Broward County.  Hudson was elected to the Florida House of Representatives on November 20, 2007.  He is on the Economic Development Committee, Health Quality Committee, and Homeland Security & Public Safety Committee.  As Hudson spoke to students he challenged them with one question each: if they could change one thing about Florida what would it be? Students’ answers ranged from traffic and I-75 issues, FRAG, FCAT testing, healthcare issues, to Nuclear generation and waste issues.

Hudson was scheduled to visit for just a half hour, but with so much student engagement he end up staying almost two hours answering each question, all of relevant importance. He also challenged Dr. Jackreeces’ class to write a press release of a current bill he will be introducing.  It was a great visit where local government and students could openly be engaged in a relaxed environment that is sure to inspire more of this type of engagement in the future.

-Mary Cosmo©2008

Hodges University’s Panther Press

ICUF Presidential Fellow

Ft Myers Legal Society President