Who’s Collecting and Selling Your Information?

Companies and identity thieves can only collect information that YOU provide! You post it they use it.  You post it they sell it.  You use a discount card or a store credit card. They use, sell, and trade that information.  Information about what you purchase, how often you purchase, and where you shop.  Limiting your information is hard but it can be done. The first step in knowing how companies track your sensitive information.

Brandon Ballenger, Money Talks News, How to Stop Companies From Collecting and Selling Your Facebook Info .  If you want to keep a secret, don’t put any trace of it online. That’s something ex-CIA director David Petraeus just learned the hard way. But our lives are increasingly digital, and the government recognizes it.

In July, Congress asked nine data brokerage firms – including credit reporting agencies – what consumer information they collect, how they do it, and whether they sell it to third parties. On Nov. 8, it released those companies’ responses.

You can read the lengthy original letters and the responses here, but investigative journalism site ProPublica sums things up nicely in their article Yes, Companies Are Harvesting – and Selling – Your Facebook Profile:

Data companies of course, do not stop with the information on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Intelius, which offers everything from a reverse phone number look up to an employee screening service, said it also collects information from Blogspot, WordPress, MySpace, and YouTube.

via How to Stop Companies From Collecting and Selling Your Facebook Info – Yahoo! Finance.