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The Iowa Supreme Court (yes Iowa, not Idaho – I do know the difference!) issued an interesting opinion on December 21, 2012 in the case of Nelson v. James H. Knight DDS P.C.  Although the opinion only applies directly to Iowa law, it is an interesting case, and illustrates the oddities of employment law in our country.  (For the record, this case may well have had the same outcome under Idaho law or federal law.)

Melissa Nelson was a twenty year-old dental hygienist, who was hired by Dr. Knight in 1999 to work at his dental clinic.  Over the next ten years, Nelson apparently did a great job, and Dr. Knight treated her with respect.  Toward the end of her employment, however, Dr. Knight started making comments to Nelson that her clothing was too tight or revealing.  The two also started texting each other about both professional and personal matters…

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