Hendry teacher arrested for battery on student


Hendry County—A LaBelle Middle School teacher was jailed on charges of battery against one of her own students last week, resulting in her suspension while a court determines whether she is guilty or not.  Lois Parker, a sixth grade teacher, was arrested on Friday, Jan. 11, after a sixth grade student told the principal that she had grabbed him violently, leaving bruises on his arm — all of this in front of a classroom of kids. According to the arrest report, the teacher is alleged to have used poor judgement in disciplining a student who refused to read from a book.The victim said it all began with Parker advising the class to take out their reading books. The boy reportedly said he did not have his book and, when he asked other students to borrow their book, the teacher became irate. She is said to have walked over to the child and grabbed his shirt collar, causing a red irritation on his neck.  The boy, who suffers from a slow learning disorder, told investigators that his teacher then grabbed his wrist, twisted his arm backward, and pulled him to the front of the class to read to the class. The teacher told him to read from a dictionary, which he refused to do.She grabbed him by his shirt collar again and pulled him to the back room, where he was instructed to fill out his own referral form, and was not allowed to leave the room until after school let out.A deputy who responded noted bruising on the victim’s right arm.

 Hendry teacher arrested after run in with headstrong student, by Savannah Rounds, The Clewiston News, Updated January 16, 2013 at 12:22PM