4-H Advocacy Club’s Next Meeting Wednesday, March 20th

Wednesday’s agenda we will prepare for our visit with Judge Sloan at the Hendry County Courthouse.  The Club will tour the courthouse and participate in a mock-trial simulation.  The club will have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with Judge James Sloan.  We will focus on courtroom attire, etiquette, and mock-trial preparation for the classic case of State v Goldilocks.  If you plan to participate in the visit to the courthouse, you are required to attend at least two meeting prior to the day of the visit.  Parent participation is also encouraged but not necessary.  Although, even if your parent(s) will be attending the courtroom trip with the group you will still need a Parent Authorization form, which you may pick up at any meeting.header-logo

While involved with the 4-H Advocacy Club, you will learn about our court system, advocacy, public speaking, as well as compete with other advocacy groups throughout Florida. Sharpen your professional and social skills and understand the importance of self-responsibility in the community, which will transfer over to real life situations.

The 4-H Advocacy Club is recruiting juniors 8-10 years old, intermediate 11-13 years old, and seniors 14-18 years old for mock trial practice, witnesses, jury, and advocates. Meetings are twice a month on every other Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m., at the Pioneer Plantation Community Center. For more information contact Mary Cosmo by email at mary.cosmo@law.fcsl.edu.