Special hearing for proposed oil drilling begins


As Reported by WBBH-TV – updated 2/25/2014 4:21:13 PM ET 2014-02-25T21:21:13

It’s only the first day of a legal fight over oil drilling in Collier County and conversations are already heated.

Protestors from two groups are trying to convince a judge to block the Dan A. Hughes Company from drilling near houses in Golden Gate Estates.

This is the biggest hurdle they’ve faced so far in this battle. There is no jury — just a state judge who will rule on whether to allow the drilling.

“My reaction is I’m worried. I’m worried that the information that should be there is not there,” said Matt Schwartz, South Florida Wildlands Association.

Oil can mean big profit, but some claim searching for it comes with dangers like hydrogen sulfide gas leaks.

“Accidents will happen. We are not prepared. We meaning the people who live in the area and the responders are not prepared,” said Joe Mule, President of Preserve Our Paradise.

Today an administrative judge listened to eight hours of tedious testimony.

“The experts that Dan A. Hughes will provide will be the only experts with mud on their hands, on the ground, oil and gas industry experience,” said a representative for Dan A. Hughes Company.

First up, the oil company focused on its research, planning and proven track record. Read more click here: Special hearing for proposed oil drilling begins.