cropped-orig_34453_080Attorney Mary A. Cosmo is now accepting appointments as a Guardian Ad Litem to your Dissolution/Paternity matter.  Children are often lost in the push-pull of a divorce or parenting plan creation/modification, especially when there is domestic violence or parental alienation.  It is hard to get the evidence of this type in when the Rules of Evidence get in the way.  However, pursuant to Fl. Stat. Sec. 61.401  In an action for dissolution of marriage or for the creation, approval, or modification of a parenting plan, if the court finds it is in the best interest of the child, the court may appoint a guardian ad litem to act as next friend of the child, investigator or evaluator, not as attorney or advocate

Giving your Party’s children a voice in a dissolution or paternity matter should not be limited by your Client’s Income.

  • Parties with total combined income under 50,000.00, fee will be a onetime $950.00; shall be due upon appointment. May be made in two separate payments of $475.00; the first is due upon appointment the second is due 30 days after the first payment.
  • Parties with a total combined income under 100,000.00, but more than 50,000.00, fee will be 2,298.00; and shall be due upon appointment. May be made in 3 payments of 766.00, with first payment due upon appointment, second payment is due 30 days after appointment; and the third payment is due 60 days after appointment.
  • Parties with a total combined income over 100,000.00, fee will be regularly hourly rate of $275.00; a retainer in the amount of 4,500.00, shall be due upon appointment and place in a trust account, which is drawn upon as incurred.

You may submit your Stipulation and Order to  Upon receipt of your Order, you will be contact by guardian to initiate appointment.