Relocation with Child After Divorce; How long does it take to get the Court’s decision to move?

If your matter is contested, the other parent can make you miss moving deadlines, and even lose that job offer you worked so hard to get.  Well, the Court will provide priority in setting your temporary and/or your final trial.

An evidentiary hearing or non-jury trial on a pleading seeking temporary or permanent relief filed under this section shall be accorded priority on the court’s calendar. If a motion seeking a temporary relocation is filed, absent good cause, the hearing must occur no later than 30 days after the motion for a temporary relocation is filed. If a notice to set the matter for a non-jury trial is filed, absent good cause, the non-jury trial must occur no later than 90 days after the notice is filed.

TIP:  When requesting your hearing time, you need to make sure to tell the judicial assistant that your hearing is a “relocation hearing” so they will provide you with priority.  It is also important to request enough time.  If you run out of time before you are about to present your evidence, you will lose precious time for your relocation because you will have to reschedule your hearing based on the Court’s schedule.

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