Mary A. Cosmo, Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator for Circuit Civil Cases

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Mary A Cosmo, Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator

Mary A. Cosmo, Esq., is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator.  This means that Mary A. Cosmo, may be appointed  in cases where the dispute exceeds $15,000.  The parties share the cost of mediation on an equal basis.

What is Mediation 

Mediation is a way to settle disputes and lawsuits instead of going through an expensive trial. It allows you to control decisions affecting your family, finances, business, divorce, custody problems and other aspects of life. A trained neutral professional, Supreme Court Certified Mediator, helps the parties negotiate a settlement. At the conclusion of your mediation, if you reach a settlement, it will be written into a contract signed by both parties. The Goal of mediation is to assist people in conflict find a “win – win” solution to their legal problems without a costly courtroom battle.

What are the Possible Outcomes of Mediation?

  • A complete settlement.
  • A a partial settlement, wherein you narrow or limit the issues for a trail court.
  • Impasse, which means no agreement was reached and the parties will continue to trial.

What to expect?

The Mediator is NOT a Judge and will not decide the outcome of your case.  In mediation the Parties have complete control over their dispute.  However, a mediator will meet and talk with all parties together and, if necessary, separately.  The mediator will discuss settlement options designed to meet each party’s goals and interests.  The process is confidential.  Confidentiality of mediation is essential to an open discussion to assist the parties movement towards a resolution.   This mean that settlement discussions cannot be used against you if no settlement is reached.  Typically, what is said in a mediation stays confidential throughout the remainder of your case with a very few limited exceptions required by law for disclosure.   Mediation is concluded when the parties sign an agreement or when they cannot agree on any solution, wherein they will continue with the court process. In the majority of cases parties are able to settle all issues and future litigation is not necessary.

PLEASE NOTE–When Mary A. Cosmo, is appointed as a mediator and although she is an attorney she is prohibited from providing any legal advise to either party.  Therefore, you must seek separate legal counsel, if you are not already represented.