I’ve Moved On


You are not alone and If you feel you are then check out http://www.ivemovedon.com

Who or what is I’ve Moved on?

http://www.ivemovedon.com is an online community of shared experience and dialogue for those who are going through or have experienced a break-up or divorce.  At http://www.ivemovedon you will find stories of others who have faced the scariest of life’s darkest places and have overcome the dark, depths of divorce.  You will find links and resources that may help you put your current situation into perspective.  And, most of all you will see that there is life after divorce  and you too can overcome the depths of your divorce or break-up


Ivemovedon.com  is not a  part of The Law Office of Mary A Cosmo.  Options and statements made by ivemovedon.com are  not the legal advice or opinions of Mary A. Cosmo, Esq.  Ivemovedon.com is not provided as legal advise but as entertainment and a resource for those seeking a connection with others through a very difficult time.

Please, please, please if you are currently in litigation Do Not discuss any current litigation on ANY website or social media.  Always post responsibly and think before you post.  Your statements on the web are fair  game for the other side.

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